New Music This Week

Sam Hunt – “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s”
He’s back! Hunt dropped his first album in over five years with SOUTHSIDE and this song stands out as the best of Sam Hunt.

Ashley McBryde – “Martha Divine”
She also released a new album this week with Never Will and I hope I’m not alone in hoping that this badass song becomes a single.

Filmore – “Me Lately”
Huge shoutout to Filmore who seems to release a new song each month and this new one signifies his confidence in the man he’s become.

Ian McConnell and Kalie Shorr – “How Do We Do This”
Two of the most talented young up and coming country artists and songwriters in the business come together for a duet. This song really takes off during the second verse with their harmonies.

Tenille Townes – “The Most Beautiful Things”
There’s just something unique about Tenille’s voice that makes every song of hers personal and believable.

Canaan Cox – “Hung Over You”
Cox’s new one has him struggling to get over a girl. None of the alcohol is doing the trick as the memory of their love is too strong.

Kaylee Rose – “Look Like You”
One of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard written this year as Kaylee wrote a powerful song honoring her mom. You might wanna grab the tissues for this one.

Sykamore – “Local Singles”
Discovered and signed to a songwriting deal by Rhett Akins, Skyamore released a 5 song EP this week and folks…she’s the real deal. Check out “Local Singles” and the rest of her EP.

Toby Keith – “What’s up Cuz”
New Toby Keith music this week as he sings about having a good time. Something all of us could use right about now.

Ward Thomas – “Painted Legacy”
The twin sister duo from the UK drops yet another new song with harmonies that are simply out of this world.

Alyssa Trahan – “My Favorite Song”
Trahan sings about having her favorite and special song ruined because of a breakup. She even compares the two saying ruining the favorite song is worse than the breakup itself which is a line I absolutely admire.

Aaron Clafton – “Matches”
I love when artists and songwriters take a simple object and construct a story, oftentimes about love, around that object. That’s what Clafton does in his new release.

Ruthie Collins – “Cold Comfort”
Collins is back with a full length album including 11 tracks, one of which is the title track “Cold Comfort.”

JL Fulks – “I Miss My Truck”
Fulks sings about missing his truck from back in high school but really the truck is just the vessel for him as he reminisces on all the good times he had in his youth.

Bailey James – “Beck and Call”
This country riser is rising fast as she brings more of a traditional sound, yet is still able to make the songs appealing to the modern country listener with tunes like her latest this week.

Christie Huff – “Canvas”
Christie has a little Carrie Underwood in her voice and she’s out with her new one this week with “Canvas.”

Thomas Rhett, Reba, Keith Urban, Hillary Lindsey, and Chris Tomlin – “Be A Light”
These superstars team up for a song that everyone should listen to during these scary and uncertain times.