A Q&A With Buck Twenty On Their Catchy New Song “All I Can Do”

By Aaron Wagner

This past weekend, rising Canadian country duo Buck Twenty dropped a new song for the first time in nearly four years with “All I Can Do.” The four year hiatus between new music seems like a lot but as they share below below it was a move they were glad they made so they could grow as individuals.

There’s a bit of a Rascal Flatts vibe that “All I Can Do” gives me as their harmonies really shine, yet they have their own distinguishable sound to them as well. It’s a fun, catchy song that you’ll be adding to your playlist after your first listen.

Buck Twenty was gracious enough to chat with Raised On It on their new song and what it’s been like making new music for the first time in four years.

This song was written by a bunch of powerhouse songwriters, how did this song find its way to you guys?

During an event at the Canadian Country Music Awards we had a meeting with a few people from Creative Nation and BMG publishing. It was a pitch/listening meeting where we would all sit in a room together and they would play us a few songs from their songwriters’ catalogs to see if we were interested in cutting any. One of the songs that they played for us was “All I Can Do” our new single.

We were very lucky that their publishers and writers trusted us with their music. Justin Wilson, Chris Stevens, and John King are incredible writers and we are thankful to be able to perform their song.

What drew you to the song once you heard it?

The energy of the song drew us in right away. It was familiar to us and our brand, the type of music we like to play and even listen to on our spare time. Then after the initial listen we dug into the lyrics and we loved every line.  

You’re back with your first new song in four years. When and why did you decide that “All I Can Do” was going to be the first song you put back out?

It took almost a full year to decide which song was going to be our “comeback single”. We wanted it to be a song that showed our growth as artists, but also something that was what the fans were looking for from us. During our four years of not releasing music we were still touring a lot and playing shows. Fans who have seen us live know we like to bring a lot of energy to the stage and so we wanted the first single to reflect that familiarity. 

How did the four years in-between new music inspire you to make this new song?

We are really glad that we took four years to make new music. We needed to grow as individuals and artists before releasing new music. We were really young when we had started to make music and the time we took off allowed us to live our lives and have new experiences. We went through heartbreaks, loss, new love and everything else good life has to offer. All that experience really helped us to make the best music we could for our fans and ourselves. 

Everyone’s curious as to what musicians are doing during this downtime, so how are you guys keeping busy? Is it business as usual making new music or do you find yourself with the free time you haven’t had in years?

A little bit of all of those things! We definitely have time that we’ve never had before, but we have been keeping busy with the new single release. We’ve also been making the best of our time at home, spending lots of time playing board games with family, eating meals together. We are finding the positives in a less than positive situation. 

What can fans expect with the new music from you guys this year?

We will be performing new songs on tour this year. We have some really great live arrangements we cant wait to show off but, also new music throughout the year. Having had a 4-year break, the new music really highlights all the new experiences we’ve been living. We will have some party songs, love songs and heartbreak tune on the new EP and we can’t wait to share them with our fans.

We will have a new music video for “All I Can Do” out soon!