Now On Everyone’s Radar, Ingrid Andress Builds On Her Early Success With Debut Album “Lady Like”

By Emily Wagner

Ingrid Andress stormed onto the country music scene last year with her debut hit “Lady Like.” It was an introduction to a female artist that we’ve had we’ve had in a very long time, maybe since Maren, or even Miranda.

So it’s only appropriate that Andress titled her debut album Lady Like.

If there’s any complaints, it’s that there are only 8 songs on the album, half of which we’ve already been introduced to, but hey, I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

If there’s one word to describe the album, honest is what comes to mind. From the very first song “Bad Advice,” where Ingrid admits she’s not well after a break up, but at least she’s good at listening to all the bad advice she’s been given on how to get over him; to “Life of the Party” where’s she’s putting on a front, dancing and drinking with strangers, who don’t realize she’s masking the pain of a heartbreak.

“More Hearts Than Mine” is proving to be a great choice for a lead single, as it currently sits at #8 on the country radio charts. It spins a breakup song onto the other lives effected, not just the two in the relationship, but their parents, siblings and friends who as Andress sings “feel every heartbreak I go through.”

I’m not sure exactly who put Ingrid through the heartbreak(s) that inspired this album, but we ought to thank them for giving us songs like “Anything But Love.” The song speaks to how letting go of someone would be so much easier if she was angry or revengeful, when really, she’s still in love with the guy. Whereas “Both,” (my personal favorite), is Andress saying she’s done with the games and mixed singles. The song gives us the greatest line, “Baby love me or don’t, but you can’t do both.”

She might be taking about the same guy in “We’re Not Friends” where Ingrid describes a relationship in which both people are trying to fool themselves into believing is nothing more than friendship, when actually it’s the furthest thing from ‘just friends.’

Ingrid hits on the ruts a relationship falls into after the initial excitement of meeting some new, with “The Stranger,” to go back to the night they first met, when the unknown was intoxicating. She doesn’t mask feelings with lines like “sometimes I wish I didn’t know you at all, so we cold do it all over again.”

The final song on the album is “Lady Like.” A song that incapsulates exactly who she is; a song that any woman or young girl can relate to and find unapologetic strength in who you are.

Some say Ingrid Andress is a rising star in country music. She’s already a star, and every day more and more people are coming to realize this. These 8 songs are the first chapter of her amazing career and I cant’ wait to see how she takes over the country music world.