Artist You Need to Know: J. Antonette

By Aaron Wagner

If you would’ve told J. Antonette years ago that she would be a musician she might not have believed you. “To be honest, I never thought I was going to be a professional musician. I used to get extreme anxiety to perform in public,” she shares.

Thankfully she has gotten more comfortable on stage so she can share her voice and story with country fans. And telling her story is something she could always depend on as she’s been writing her whole life.

“As a child I would make up songs, and I had a ton of notebooks where I would write them down and sing them to my friends at recess. I was always into creating music. It wasn’t until my late 20s when my career really took a turn into a professional situation.”

Antonette’s most recent release to date is “Drunk on Me.” It’s her first release since she moved to Nashville last summer. She shares how the song came to be and just how important the song is to her.

“Drunk On Me is one of my favorite songs to date. The concept was brought to me by my co-writers. At the time, I was currently living the concept of the song. I told them that I wanted to put my spin on it and collaborate with them. I felt those emotions. They were both super easy to work with and they had such a beautiful idea. It was so fitting for me. I meant every word I sang.”

It’s a powerful song that deals with hurt, love, pain, and a general feeling of empathy you can feel to someone else. The thing that stood out to me as I listened to it was the raw sense of emotions that she sings this song with.

Antonette continues, “I always want to connect with my listeners on a deeper level beyond just a 3 min song. It’s about an experience we may share in common. The melody, emotional lyrics and instrumental are so engraved in me.”

I’m giving a piece of myself away when I release music.

“I hope they can feel comfort or a since of relatability if they’ve experienced something similar. I hope when people listen to my music they feel safe and understood in some way. We’ve all been in tough spots in love and it’s ok to be present just where we are.”  

Having just moved to town less than a year ago, J. Antonette is just getting started. Listen to “Drunk On Me” on her Spotify below but be sure to check out some of my other favorites from her including “Wonderin'” and “Something I Said.”