Newcomer Sophie Sanders Drops New Song “Dad Bod”

By Aaron Wagner

Sophie Sanders is a new country singer-songwriter and recently released her new song “Dad Bod.” If the song title alone doesn’t intrigue you to listen to it, take our word for it. It’s a catchy little number. Sophie chatted with Raised On It about her new release.

Like any good songwriter, all it takes sometimes is a random event or a random phrase that gets the wheels churning in their head. That was no different for Sophie when it came to the inspiration behind “Dad Bod.”

“I had been laying out at my old apartment’s pool one weekend. I happened to overhear a very fit guy a few chairs over telling his friends this saga about going on dates with a girl and thinking something was going to happen between them physically. Long story short, nothing happened, and his conclusion was, “Man, girls liked me a whole lot better when I had a dad bod!”

“My writing brain said ding, ding, ding, that’s a song. I was so excited to get the idea out that I didn’t wait for a co-writing session. I just wrote it that evening and the next day. I think the first rhyme I landed on was dad bod and greek god. The rest of the lyrics came out pretty easily from there.”

When asked which songwriters or artists have inspired her musical style, it’s not the traditional Reba, Faith or Shania. Rather, it’s her songwriting dad Mark D. Sanders (“I Hope You Dance”, “Heads Carolina, Tails California”) that she says is her inspiration.

“I grew up hearing his songs on the radio and his demo tapes in the car all the time. It took me about 25 years to realize they had been seeping into me like a sponge. He always tells me that he and I have “thin songwriter voices.” I have to laugh because it feels true. I still think of myself as a writer much more than an artist, but I’ve grown to love recording that writer voice, especially on a track like “Dad Bod” that’s fun to sing.”

Sophie also lists Lori McKenna (one of our favorite songwriters) and Guy Clark as further inspiration. “Lori for being a hero of female songwriters and getting those gut wrenching details in her lyrics and Guy because he was always playing in the car growing up in the 90s. I feel lucky to have been listening when wit and real emotion reigned supreme in country music.” 

Most importantly however, is that Sophie wants her fans and listeners to laugh and just have fun while listening to this song. Especially as we are living in this weird time period.

“I know there’s a lot of not good going on in the world right now. It feels chaotic and uncertain and overwhelming. And it’s the strangest of times to want to promote new music or laugh about something like a dad bod. But you know, people still need humor. People still need a reason to tap their toes and sing along and be entertained by something upbeat. So when people hear “Dad Bod,” I want them to feel like they have the permission to do that. Set down the anxiety, sing along, celebrate who you are and who you love (especially the dad bods out there) and, if you can, hope it’s all going to turn out alright.”

Take a listen to “Dad Bod”: