New Music This Week

Kane Brown with John Leggend – “Last Time I Say Sorry”
Kane hinted at this collab a few weeks ago on an Instagram and it definitely lived up to the hype.

Florida Georgia Line – “I Love My Country”
It’s becoming obvious that FGL wants fans to know they’re still country at their roots and this new one hopes to do that.

Jordan Davis – “Detours”
JD gets really vulnerable on his latest song which makes us like him even more than we already did.

Kip Moore – “Wild World”
Fans of Kip can rejoice as we get new music from him this week as the song doubles as the album title for his upcoming album due out at the end of May.

Ryan Griffin – “Going Going Gone”
This just might be my favorite new release this week as Griffin details the moment he met his now wife.

Lainey Wilson – “WWDD”
If you haven’t listened to Lainey yet, you’re missing out on one of the most talented artists coming to a radio station near you very soon with the music’s she making like her new release this week.

Ingrid Andress – “The Stranger”
Ingrid dropped her debut album on Friday which includes this powerful ballad.

Drew Baldridge – “Before You”
Written with the guys from LOCASH, Baldridge’s new song this week is a love song appreciating what his fiance has meant to his life.

Kelsey Lamb – “Talk To Me”
Rising country artist Kelsey Lamb released a new song this week that’s all about showing love through the words we speak and how impactful they can be to a person.

Sophia Scott – “Beauty in the flaws”
I absolutely love the message of this song as Sophia sings about how there’s more to life than chasing a paycheck and checking off the box on your life checklist.

Craig Morgan – “Going Out Like This”
Morgan’s voice absolutely shines in his new one about not wanting things to end after a recent fight.

JessLee – “do it like”
All JessLee does is make music that is so catchy and fun to sing along with. I know this will be in my head all week.

Mitch Rossell – “American Dream”
This is such a beautifully written song about what it means to be an American and everything that comes with it, most importantly family. Check out the music video and try not to cry.

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen – “Hold My Beer”
I absolutely love the humorous banter between these two lyrically throughout the song. You need to hit play on this one.

Josh Gallagher – “Turn Around Town”
Gallagher dropped a 5 song EP this week and I can’t get enough of the relatable title track.

Jessi Alexander with Randy Houser – “Country Music Made Me Do It”
If you’re in the mood for some really great and fun country music, this song is it. Their vocals go together so well and the lyrics are literally what country music is all about.

Brett James – “Wait”
One of the biggest songwriters around (“Jesus Take the Wheel”), Brett released an EP on his own this week called I Am Now.

Garrett Biggs – “Momma Didn’t Raise No”
Singing about the special bond between a mother and son, Biggs touches on. the values that his mom passed down to him and how appreciative he is.

The Springs – “I’m Gonna Love You”
I really love this song. The husband and wife duo create such a great sound when their voices blend together. In this new one they sing about how crazy life is and chance encounters lead to something special.

Kellye Rather – “The Mess I Made”
Singing about regret and the mistakes made, Kellye gives a vulnerable performance as you can get the sense of just how much this is hurting.

Callie McCullough – “After Midnight”
Callie has a sound that isn’t heard of too much nowadays. With a traditional bluegrass-sound to the production and her soft, pure vocals makes this song a pleasure to listen to.

Holiday State – “Where I Wanna Be”
Think Kane Brown mixed with Rascal Flatts. Made up of three brothers, Holiday State has a catchy country/pop tune on their hands. Turn this one up as you roll around town with the windows down trying to enjoy summer during quarantine.

Sophie Sanders – “Dad Bod”
A catchy song with an equally song title, Sophie sings about how she doesn’t need some sort of perfectly sculpted man in her life as she’s in love with her regular joe.

Ethan Payne – “Luke’s Guitar”
Based on a true story about being gifted a guitar from Luke Bryan while auditioning on American Idol, you get the sense of how much the guitar and that moment means to him.