Throwback Jam: Josh Turner’s “Long Black Train”

By Aaron Wagner

In 2003, Josh Turner was a new country artist who released his second single, “Long Black Train.” The song peaked at #13 on the charts and would propel Turner’s career going forward.

The hit for him is easily distinguishable from the intro sound of a train chugging down the track and immediately followed by Turner’s baritone voice that we’ve all come to know and love.

The inspiration for Turner writing the song was a vision he had of a long black train rolling down the tracks in the middle of nowhere. He told The Boot:

“I could see people standing out to the sides of this track watching this train go by. As I was walking, experiencing this vision, I kept asking myself, ‘What does this vision mean and what is this train?’ It dawned on me that this train was a physical metaphor for temptation. These people are caught up in the decision of whether or not to go on this train.”