New Music This Week

Kelsea Ballerini with Kenny Chesney – “half of my hometown”
Kelsea dropped her self titled album this weekend and this collaboration is one I was looking forward to and these two over-delivered.

Alana Springsteen with Filmore – “Think About You”
Speaking of collaborations, the vocals on this ballad from two of our favorite country risers are really impressive and heart-felt.

Trace Adkins – “Better Off”
Back with a new song, we get the Trace everyone loves as he blends steamy lyrics with his baritone voice to create a helluva song.

Cassadee Pope with Tyron Hapi and Jordie Ireland – “Make You Mine”
Cassadee teams up with two talented DJs from Australia for this catchy ear-worm. Will it be played on country radio? No. But should you add it to your playlist? Absolutely.

Lonestar with Vince Gill – “Love Live”
This song is part of a full album project where songwriters and artists work with the families of fallen soldiers to tell their story.

Teddy Robb – “Me on You”
There’s just something about Teddy Robb’s voice that pulls you in with every song and that’s no different than his new release this week.

Tim Dugger – “Home Away From Home”
I can’t get enough of this song, mainly because it’s so damn relatable. This guy has been absolutely killing it lately. Check him out.

Garrett Jacobs – “Already Ready”
Garrett’s new song this week has him ready to be done with the games and ready for the real deal.

Dan Smalley – “Till Country Comes Back”
A cleverly written tune about being heartbroken over a girl and in no hurry to move on until she comes back to him.

Steven Lee Olsen – “Can’t Not”
Really enjoy this catchy one as Steven sings about only have two speeds when it comes life – it’s all about having fun for him.

James Dupre – “You’re Probably Drunk Right Now”
Love how this song tells the story about how two people are struggling to deal with a breakup, not knowing if they should rekindle the flame.

Emily Ann Roberts – “How The Car’s Running”
One of my favorite vocalists in country music, Emily Ann sings a beautiful song with an equally beautiful story.

Cody Bryan Band with Kensie Coppin – “The Haze”
These up and coming artists come together for a really nice sounding collaboration as they sing about the realization that a relationship is ending.

Raleigh Keegan – “lonely drive”
A minimally produced track which only magnifies the song’s message of loneliness. A clever decision by Raleigh as this one hooks you in by its quietness.

Tiera – “Rewind”
“We aren’t so good at goodbyes so we hit rewind” is such a dang good lyric in Tiera’s latest release. She’s part of the next generation of country artists you’re going to be hearing about.

The Hobbs Sisters – “Never Find Another”
These sisters have a great sound to them as they sing about finding that one person who is their forever person.

Livy Jeanne – “Finish This Up”
A catchy song, Livy sings about that moment when you realize that your strong feelings are mutually received. She’s also promising that more new music is right around the corner this year so stay tuned.

Twinnie – “I Love You Now Change”
I’m gonna be listening to this one quite a bit this week as I just love her voice. Her new album Hollywood Gypsy comes out April 17th so keep an eye out for that.

Chevel Shepherd – “Everybody’s Got a Story”
The former champion on The Voice is out with new music this week with a song that highlights country music’s ability to tell a story.

Dean Miller – “1965”
This Nashville songwriter is releasing his own new project coming up titled 1965 and released the title track this week. His smooth vocals makes this such an easy one to listen to.

Caitlin Quisenberry – “SOS”
I found my foot tapping along right off the bat. This is catchy AF and I thoroughly enjoyed the lyrics and message in her new one this week.

Parker McKay – “Pity Party”
Admittedly, this is my first time hearing Parker sing and I’m mad at myself that I’m late to the game. This is a catchy song and her vocals carry the song.