Rachel Reinert Drops First Full Length Solo Project With “Into the Blue”

By Aaron Wagner

Rachel Reinert dropped her debut full length album titled Into the Blue this past weekend. While you may not recognize her name at first glance, you’ve definitely heard her before. As a teenage she was the lead singer in Gloriana, a country band that achieved commercial success about a decade ago with hits “Wild at Heart” and “Kissed You Goodnight.”

Having moved to town as a teenager to be part of Gloriana her life became a whirlwind, but in the back of her mind she always wanted to try the solo artist path. Fast forward to 2020 and we get her first full length project with Into the Blue.

This album isn’t one that you’re going to jam out to on a hot summer day with the windows down. And that’s perfectly fine. I actually applaud it because she absolutely nails what country music is all about: the lyrics, telling a story, and being vulnerable for her fans.

The best way to describe Reinert’s musical style is some combination of Kacey Musgraves, Sheryl Crow, and Carly Pearce.

She gets things going with “Cool” a groovy number about falling in love at a young age and it not working out, but still being able to remain friends. It’s based on a true story as Reinert’s first love is still friends with her brother. “Dark Star” is a song with a unique message about uncertainty yet optimism about the future.


One of my favorite songs on the album and one that I think has potential for radio success is “Secret.” A fun song about playfully sneaking around with someone new and not wanting to tell the whole world right away. She sings about how she landed in the right spot with the right person in “Here” a song that really showcases her vocals.

“Kiss on the Cheek” is that song about wanting to be more than friends and Reinert takes a pretty clever and new approach with this story angle. She sings an ode to her husband in “Some Kind of Angel” that gives you a dreamy feeling of contentment between the two.

“All We Have”

Another one of my favorites on this project is “All We Have.” It starts off with a really cool guitar riff and then moves into more of a mid-tempo song that has Reinert realizing what is truly important in life. We then move to “King of Hearts” which has a really cool production to it as she sings about trying to turn a man into someone she wishes he was.

“Who I Am Right Now” is a bit of a more traditional sounding song that has Reinert digging deep and showcasing her vulnerability in how she’s had to learn and grow in the last few years.

She wraps up the album with “Ocean” and “Light Years.” The former has her getting closer and closer to the end goal as they ride the waves of life together. “Light Years” hooks you in right away with the sound of strings, but the message of leaving the past in the past and dropping the baggage is what really sells the song as Reinert delivers vocally.