Superstar songwriter Caitlyn Smith is back with her sophomore album “Supernova”

By Emily Wagner

So maybe we don’t classify Caitlyn Smith as country, or pop, or bluegrass. She is all of these things, and none of them at the same time. You can’t place a genre on her, which is becoming all the more common in the world of music. The fact is, Caitlyn Smith just released her sophomore album Supernova, and it is all the things that good music should be. 

The title track, was the last song Smith released before the album in its entirety on March 13th. The song encapsulates that feeling of losing time, of life passing by too fast. It’s not filled with cliches, but with what Smith would call “soul searching.” 

“Long Time Coming”

The album begins with the other three songs Smith released prior to the album. “Long Time Coming” gives us jazz and soul. It’s a strong start to the album, with the opening drum sequence. It’s also, as Smith mentioned, her song of hope, of making it out of the struggle and knowing you’re going to be okay. “Damn You For Breaking My Heart” despite the title doesn’t come off as angry or spiteful, but more sad reflection on the undiscovered consequences of a heartbreak. 

“Damn You For Breaking My Heart”

The song that made me most excited for the rest of the album was “Put Me Back Together.” Maybe it’s how Smith can easily transition from a deep haunting alto to a falsetto effortlessly. The lyrics of the song tell different stories. Is it a true love story? Or an unhealthy dependence on another human? We need answers Caitlyn. 

“Put Me Back Together”

The remaining 8 songs on the album are nothing to glance over. Each time I listen I find a new favorite song. “I Can’t” was one of those songs that caught my ear first. If you can’t relate to this song about surrendering to those things that are out of your control, then this song might not hit the same way. However “Fly Away” is one one of the most wonderfully surprising songs. Smith can spin a sad vulnerable song, like no other artist, but it is fun to hear the lighter, falling in love songs, such as “Fly Away.” 

While you need to listen to the entire album and every song, not as background noise, but listen with purpose, don’t skimp out on the end. The album ends on a strong note with “Lonely Together.” Just a girl and her piano bring this song to life, giving to big crescendos at the refrain, and scaling it back during each verse. I can’t say enough about Caitlyn Smith’s unique and rich voice that brings all 12 of these songs to life, and her writing and musicality that is the genius behind it all.