Matt Koerner’s EP “The Race”

By Aaron Wagner

Matt Koerner is a new country singer who is looking to crack his way into the mainstream movement with the release of his EP The Race.

The Race features a collection of five songs that are all different in their own right giving us a preview of the versatility that Matt brings to the table.

The bonafide hit of the EP with the best chance for some pretty good radio success is the inspirational and encouraging “The Race.” There’s a hint of a growly voice in the chorus that makes it a really infectious song.

He follows that up with “Rock Star” a fun uptempo song about falling in love fast and “Let’s Not Sleep Together” a cleverly written song about not being able to sleep because you’re thinking about that other person.

Koerner wraps up his project with “Never Knew Beautiful” and “Livin’ On Love.” He sings about being starstruck by her beauty in “Never Knew Beautiful,” a nicely arranged mid-tempo track. “Livin’ On Love” is a really cool sounding song from the opening bars but the song has a heartfelt message about love being the main purpose in life. Think Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man.”