Renee Blair’s Vocals Shine On New EP “The Ones to Slow Dance To”

By Aaron Wagner

Renee Blair has this style about her that is so fresh and vulnerable that it comes across as completely authentic. When you hear her music you believe that the emotions and feelings she’s singing about is precisely what she’s experiencing at that particular moment.

That vulnerability and authenticity is becoming her calling card and she exemplifies that in her new EP The Ones to Slow Dance To.

Blair is able to blend her country-pop vocals with contemporary sounds that create this mid-tempo sweet spot that is so infectious. On the three songs from her new project, you find yourself singing along after only a few listens.

With the success of Kelsea Ballerini and Maren Morris blending the country and pop elements together, this project from Blair gives fans and new listeners a great glimpse into the next female artist you may be hearing climb up the charts in the very near future.

“Here I Am” – A snappy ballad about feelings being so strong between former loves that things never truly end between the two. Would love if this one got sent to radio.

“Handsome” – An ode to her boyfriend, fellow songwriter Jordan Schmidt, “Handsome” is a groovy tune that really highlights Blair’s smooth vocals.

“Get the Girl” – Lyrically, this song serves as a wakeup call for the guys out there who have a good girl in the palm of their hands but may be slipping away. On the flip side, I can see how this song serves as inspiration for girls and the high bar they should set for themselves.