Throwback Jam: Lee Ann Womack’s “I’ll Think of a Reason Later”

By Emily Wagner

There really is nothing not to like on Lee Ann Womack’s 1998 hit, “I’ll Think of a Reason Later.”

This feisty song about an ex boyfriend who recently became engaged, is more cheeky and funny than sad and mournful.

Penned by Tim Nichols (Girls Lie Too, Live Like You Were Dying)  and Tony Martin (You Look Good in My Shirt, Just To See You Smile), the song spins the tail of a woman who has no need to hate her ex’s new love, in fact she’s happier on her own, but that doesn’t mean she has to like the new woman in his life. 

Womack has enough country twang in her voice and lightness in the delivery, that makes the song work, in fact it went all the way to number two on the country charts. The only downfall of the song? We received no music video to bring the song to life. It happens. Thanks to Lee Ann for giving us the one of the sassiest, most relatable break up songs to date.