New Music This Week

Keith Urban – “God Whispered Your Name”
New Keith? Hell yes. This mid-tempo song is what he does best.

Kelsea Ballerini – “hole in the bottle”
One of her more “traditional” sounding songs, this is catchy and a bit out of her comfort zone which I respect.

Filmore – “Blue Skies”
All this guy does is release a new song every month it seems and he keeps on getting better.

Brett Young with Astrid S – “I Do”
I’ve been dying for a Brett Young collaboration and this is such a great blend of both of their voices. This works.

Hailey Whitters – “Happy People”
While this song was originally released by Little Big Town, I love Whitter’s version of the song she wrote with Lori McKenna. Check out the rest of her new album The Dream.

The Shires – “About Last Night”
I’ve loved everything this UK duo has released the last two months and that doesn’t change with “About Last Night.”

Taylor Acorn – “Therapy”
Taylor puts a ton of emotion into her songs and that’s especially the case with her new release this week.

Elle Mears – “In or Out”
Mears has one of the smoothest voices you need to listen to if you haven’t had the chance yet.

Emerson Drive – “Footprints On The Moon”
I’m so happy that Emerson Drive is back to making new music and this one is so good to start out with.

Sean Stemaly – “Come Back to Bed”
Stemaly is the next artist in the line of Combs, Wallen, Green, and Langston who are growing their fanbases and are due for an explosive year.

Kylie Morgan – “Break Things”
I just love Kylie’s unique voice and she absolutely kills it in her new one.

Julia Cole – “Honey Child”
Her vocals and the production on this song make this one a song that’s going to stick in my head all week. I’m not mad about that one bit.

Trea Landon – “Dirt Road Dancin'”
Landon released his new EP which features the title track that is catchy as hell.

Jake Rose – “Tractor Town”
Rose released three songs as part of a new EP this week and this one in particular is such a good country song. The sound of it naturally takes you back to your hometown.

Matt Rogers – “Tailgate Town”
I really enjoy this new one about small town life that a lot of people can relate to.

Caitlyn Smith – “Supernova”
Smith is one of Nashville’s best lyricists and if you listen closely to the words in her new one, you’ll understand why.

Restless Road with Kane Brown – “Take Me Home”
These guys are a new band that have been working closely with Kane Brown, including a collaboration that will get stuck in your head.

Coffee Anderson – “Rodeo Town”
Anderson is just always cranking out new music which as a country music fan I can appreciate.

Megan Golden – “Bedroom Floor”
A vulnerable song about taking the relationship more seriously than your counterpart.