Matt Rogers Releases New Hometown Song With “Tailgate Town”

By Aaron Wagner

This past weekend Matt Rogers released a new song with “Tailgate Town.” The song oozes with hometown pride and a feeling of comfort that we can all relate to.

Rogers had an idea to write a song about his hometown and wanted to make it special.

“The song is about my hometown of Eatonton, GA. It’s loaded with references, from there being more cows than hands to milk them, to Mrs. Janice selling peaches. Every line is home.”

Rogers continues, “I wrote it when I was feeling homesick and the lines just poured out, but I hope listeners, especially from small towns, can relate and it takes them back to Main Street. And even though there are specific references to my hometown, maybe they can reminisce on things about theirs.”

Artists are always working on numerous songs and there’s a chance that they feel a special connection to each and every one of them, making it a tricky decision to decide which songs to release. But for Rogers, this was an easy decision.

“I am very proud of where I’m from and the people that live there. They support me and are the reason I keep pushing and working so hard. I want to make them proud. So, I knew soon as I finished this song it would be one that would be released, if for nothing else to remind the people that have supported my dream from the beginning just how much I appreciate them. I am friends with tons of singers, songwriters, and artists up here, and I can tell you how blessed I am to have folks back home rooting for me to be successful. “

“I always play potential songs for release in an array of different scenarios to judge the crowd’s response. I do see listeners relating to the feel of their towns, or what’s familiar, but more importantly, I know they can feel the authenticity of this song. That it means something to me.”

Listen here: