Artist You Need To Know: Caylee Hammack

By Aaron Wagner

If you have plans to see Luke Bryan on his nationwide tour this summer, I highly suggest you get to the show early enough to listen to the supporting acts. One of those is a rising star in country music that continues to turn heads with her impressive vocals.

Enter Caylee Hammack.

The Georgia native always had music in her sights and particularly Nashville as she grew up listening to Dolly and Loretta. Shortly after high school she made the trek up to Nashville to chase her dreams of becoming a country singer.

But things take time and they don’t always go according to plan. She started off playing Broadway gigs with a fake ID just so she would be allowed in. She spent some time living in her car in a Target parking lot. Then her apartment burned down.

Never deterred, Hammack pressed on. And thankfully she did because her voice is one that everyone needs to hear.

“Family Tree” is her biggest song to date with over 3 million streams on Spotify and continuing to climb the chart, currently at #32. A song about how it takes all kinds to make a family, it’s a combination of a “down-to- earth” relatability and powerful gospel-like voice that makes her a force to reckon with.

Hammack packs a punch with another song with “Just Friends.” The song starts off slow and sad before flipping 180 and has her proclaiming how she wishes her and that guy would’ve stayed friends, rather than him breaking her heart.

With hopefully more new music this year and going out on tour with Luke Bryan, 2020 is looking to be a pretty big for Hammack. A long way from that Target parking lot not so long ago.