New Music This Week

Scroll to the bottom for this week’s playlist.

Carly Pearce with Michael Ray – “Finish Your Sentences”
I was expecting a love ballad with this duet but really love what they ended up creating for their collaboration.

Russell Dickerson – “Love You Like I Used To”
New music from RD! Excited to see what his sophomore project looks like after a successful debut album.

Ingrid Andress – “Life Of the Party”
I think we’re finding out pretty early on that Ingrid is going to be a star in country music.

Luke Bryan – “Born Here Live Here Die Here”
This is Luke at the top of his game. Heartfelt and meaningful lyrics that are so relatable to people.

Cam – “Til There’s Nothing Left”
Cam is one of the most underrated voices in country music so best believe her new one is going to be on repeat this week.

Jameson Rodgers – “Grew Up in the Country”
One of country’s best lyricists, Rodgers is a rising country artist that you’re going to continue hearing more from on your local radio station.

Travis Denning – “ABBY”
A catchy tune with a clever play on words with the song title.

Doug McCormick – “Earnhardt”
A great piece of storytelling that oozes feelings of nostalgia that a lot of country boys can relate to.

Jordyn Stoddard – “Addicted”
The country-pop artist created a really fun sounding song with her new release. I think the sky is the limit for her.

Nick Wayne – “I Love You More”
There’s something haunting and mystical about Wayne’s voice with every song he releases, including his new one this week.

Courtney Cole – “New Eyes”
Courtney has such a pure voice and this stripped down song really lets her vocals shine.

Addairs Run – “Tipsy”
One of my favorite duos in country music at the moment, make sure you give this a listen.

Austin Peckham and April Kry – “Sails”
This is such a beautiful song and both Austin and April’s vocals blend so well together.

Brinley Addington – “Changing My Mind”
I just love the message of the song and how smooth Brinley’s voice is as he carries out the message.

LJ – “Pick Me”
One of my favorite rising artists in country music. She has the traditional sound infused with the modern country sound.

Ross Ellis – “Home To Me”
If you’re looking for a song this week that’s going to get stuck in your head…it’s this one.

Lauren Davidson – “Love Ain’t Fair”
Simply put, this is a good country song. Love almost groovy vibe I get from her new one this week.

Whitney Duncan – “Homesick”
This is one that you’re going to want to crank up real loud as she sings about wanting to make her man miss her.

Cody Bryan Band – “Lonely Road”
A new country band that is coming up through the ranks, they have a fresh sound I’m excited to hear more from going forward.

Caroline Marquard – “Train of Thought”
One of three songs from her new EP, the Swiss-American is grabbing people’s attention.

Emily Hackett – “Hangovers & Heartbreak”
This is such a unique sounding country song that isn’t crazy different, but I’m really a fan of her vocals and the elements she included on this one.

Lucas Hoge – “This Old Flame”
A catchy tune about running into that ex and the past emotions bubble back to the surface.

Broadway Broads – “Happy Breakup To You”
These ladies are unapologetic with their tradiitonal sound and refreshingly honest lyrics. Check out our interview with them.