Lauren Davidson Drops Catchy New Song “Love Ain’t Fair”

By Aaron Wagner

I’m pretty obsessed with this new release from Lauren Davidson.

“Love Ain’t Fair” is a catchy, light-hearted song about being in a love triangle. We’ve all been there: crushing on someone and picturing what it would be like to be with them and then BAM – they’re with someone else. It’s not fair….but that’s what love is sometimes according to Davidson in this new one.

Her new release is the title track on her upcoming EP, which will feature 5 songs. There’s a pretty cool theme that she carries throughout the EP as she tells Raised On It.

“I co-produced the EP which is a first for me and I’m giving to you in 5 parts. It’s 5 different songs about love but not your traditional love songs: songs about finding love, losing love, fighting for love, loving yourself. This song, “Love Ain’t Fair,” stemmed from the idea of love triangles.  Sometimes you love him, but he loves her and you can’t always be with the one you want to be with.  Love is many different things but it isn’t fair.”

Give “Love Ain’t Fair” a listen: