Frank Maroney’s “Scarecrow” Album Is a Must Listen

By Aaron Wagner

I had the privilege of attending Frank Maroney’s album release show last week and my takeaway at the end of the show was this: Maroney exemplifies the best of country music and what we all want to experience when we listen to it.

I felt myself wanting more. He performed all 10 songs off of his Scarecrow and then one additional song after the crowd begged and pleaded with him. I don’t say this often, but I truly could have listened to him for a few more hours.

He kicks off the album with “Beer Right Here” and “Front Porch Time” and they’re the type of songs that could be the backdrop to those nights you spend around the fire drinking beers with your buddies.

One of my favorites on the album is “Neon & Vinyl.” A biographical song about who he is as a person and an artist, the song really shines during the chorus when Maroney hits the high note.

“Built to Last” has him singing about relationships that are made to last forever, but then pivots to the groovy “Crazy Fool” which is almost like the prequel to “Built to Last.”

Maroney continues the second half of the album with “Hey There Honey Bee,” a love ballad that has you picturing him serenading his girl.

“Scarecrow” is a song that Maroney shared has opened up many doors for him and it’s easy to see why. It’s the song that inspired him to make this record in the first place. A song about hope and having someone’s back is lyrically a masterpiece and vocally a song that seems to hold a ton of meaning to Maroney.

“Keep Me Up Tonight” is a catchy little number about never wanting to be alone and apart from that special person. You’re going to want to add it to your playlist.

There’s a song on here that I think is something that Keith Urban would record. “See It Now” is a mid-tempo song that just has a ton of meaning to it. This is Maroney at his best. Maroney puts a bow on this great piece of art with “Southern Heart.” A ballad about being saved by a girl, it’s just him and the piano for a beautiful sounding song.

If you’re a fan of country music’s storytelling and ability to relate to the everyday person, then this album is for you. It’s truly a piece of art that I hope people come to appreciate.