New Music This Week

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Sam Hunt – “Hard to Forget”
This one took me a few listens before I got hooked on it. But it’s been on repeat all weekend long.

John Anderson with Blake Shelton – “Tuesday I’ll Be Gone”
The 80s and 2020s collide with this collaboration nobody saw coming.

Abby Anderson – “I’ll Still Love You”
Abby is one of the best young voices coming up in the country industry and this song shows you why that is.

Jon Langston – “Drinks”
Langston is next in the line of Wallen and Green that is going to blow up and it’s because of songs like his latest this week.

Mackenzie Porter – “Seeing Other People”
An artist that is destined for a big breakout year, Porter’s latest this week has her somberly struggling to see her ex with a new girl.

Austin Burke – “Desert Child”
This is so good. Burke is such a talented artist and the best is yet to come, but for now I can’t get enough of his new release.

Olivia Lane – “Same Old Story”
Lane’s vocals seem so effortless for her but boy does it back a bunch with the combination of her lyrics and ability to convey her emotions through them.

Frank Maroney – “Scarecrow”
I had the privilege to attend Maroney’s album release party and this dude can flat out make music. Start with the title track but keep going.

The Shires – “Independence Day”
A UK duo singing about America’s independence? Not quite. They sing about a fresh beginning coming out of a relationship.

Tenille Townes – “Holding Out For the One”
I genuinely enjoy Townes music and what she’s released up this point, but this is her best song to date. It’s damn catchy.

Cadillac Three – “Back Home”
This is just one of 16 songs off their new album they released titled COUNTRY FUZZ.

Drew Parker – “Hell Yeah Say When I’m In”
The song title hooked me in right off the bat and the song didn’t disappoint after that. This is a must add for your playlist.

Ryan Robinette – “Got My Number”
A really good modern country song about never being able to truly cut ties with a former flame.

Kaylee Rose – “Me Before You”
This is another song I’ve had on repeat all weekend. Love the optimistic message with the infectious sounding chorus.

Nick Aligood – “If You Know, You Know”
Like the song suggests, you’ll only relate to the lyrics of this one if you know what the small town country lifestyle is like.

Brent Cobb – “Richland”
If you’re a fan of the traditional sounding country music then “Richland” and the rest of his new No Place Left to Leave album is what you’re looking for.

Ian McConnell – “Didn’t Feel a Thing”
Ian is an up and coming artist that is so talented musically. On top of his voice, he pens these clever lines that end up getting produced with some of the catchiest beats I’ve heard in awhile.

Sarahbeth Taite – “Thick Skin”
A pure voice that reminds me of Danielle Bradbery, Taite’s new release this week will hook you in after the first few lyrics.

Brennley Brown – “One More Hallelujah”
I just love Brennley’s pure vocals and that she poured her heart out in this new song.

Lena Stone – “Personal Space”
Catchy right off the bat, her latest about a new relationship is a must add to your playlist.

Christian Lopez – “Sip of Mine”
Having worked with the likes of Frankie Ballard and Vince Gill, Lopez is a name to remember.

Aubrie Sellers – “One Town’s Trash”
Sellers makes music her way and that’s what fans love about her. The country renegade dropped her new album Far From Home this weekend.

Lindsay Bowman – “You Don’t Get to Know”
A 90s county sound with a 2020s message makes this a fun one to listen to.