Lindsay Bowman FIERCELY Says Enough Is Enough In New Single “You Don’t Get to Know”

By Aaron Wagner

Have you been craving that energetic and fierce 90s country sound from artists like Reba, Wynonna, and Martina? Then have to check out Lindsay Bowman’s new song “You Don’t Get to Know.”

Modeling her songwriting and sound after those women of the 90s, Bowman has a truly authentic country voice that transports you back to that decade we’ve all come to love and appreciate. She takes that 90s sound and applies it to a modern topic like dating and breaking up in the digital and social media world.

Bowman doesn’t pull any punches as she fiercely decides enough is enough with the texts and social media likes with sharp lyrics like “You thought the grass was greener, but boy your reap what you sow” and “Every time I post, you’re the first to check up on what I’m doing and who I’m with.”

The song is based on a true story for Bowman as she explains to Raised On It. “I was going through a breakup. One of my favorite things about writing with other women is that it’s kind of like a therapy session. We were catching up on life and the drama and feelings of a breakup.”

“My ex was wanting to know what I was doing and asking me questions, and I finally said ‘You don’t get to know these things anymore. We’re not together.’ The song came easy after that.”

“You don’t get to know these things anymore. We’re not together.

“That’s one of my favorite things about songwriting. It’s just so real and relatable because you’re telling a story and most of the time it’s actually something that actually happened to you or that you’ve gone through.”

Bowman use to be in a country duo before she recently made the switch to focus on her solo career as an artist. She has a collection of songs ready to share with the world so why this song first?

“When I went in to meet with my producer, I wanted that 90s country feel and the finished product was so right,” says Bowman. “The hope is to give other women who want to feel empowered something they can listen to and say ‘You know what, I’ve been through that too. I can go out with my girlfriends, live my life and be me and leave the past in the past.”

Take a listen to the new release, add it to your playlist, and let your worries disappear.