My 6 Favorite Songs From Little Big Town’s New Album

By Aaron Wagner

Little Big Town released their 9th studio album in Nightfall. While I’d be the first to admit that LBT isn’t my favorite country artist, from start to finish, I truly think this is their best work to date.

I went ahead and picked out my favorite songs from this new project of theirs:


I love the dreamy sound to this one. The lyrics are so picturesque as you can truly imagine laying under the stars with your loved one, being as content as can be.

“Throw Your Love Away”

Written by Kimberly and Karen, I really enjoyed hearing both of their vocals carrying this tune. Their voices together is a new sound that I’d love to hear more of in the future.


Not only did Karen write a killer lyric but she absolutely slayed the vocals on this song about being curious how an ex is doing after all this time.

“The Daughters”

This one hit me right in my gut. It makes me think. It makes me wonder about the past and the future. And as usual, the haunting harmonies by these four really make this a standout track.


A somber song that really puts into perspective the negative side to “sucking it up” and “putting on a good face.” I enjoyed the raw emotion that this song gives off.

Trouble With Forever”

It’s a love song that digs deep into the not so sunny days of a marriage. Paying close attention to the lyrics, they absolutely made the song what it is: a somber love story.