Diving in to Dustin Lynch’s New Album “Tullahoma”

By Emily Wagner

Sometimes it’s better to have zero expectations about something and then be taken back when it blows your mind. Enter Dustin Lynch’s latest album Tullahoma.

Named after his hometown,  I had the biggest fear that this album was going to be in the same vein as his 2018 single “Good Girl.” While the song is part of the 11 track album, it’s not only hidden as the final song, but is the outlier of the album. It’s the one piece that doesn’t fit, because the rest of the album is so, so good. 

The album starts off with arguably the strongest song, and the next single to hit country radio “Momma’s House.” Instead of a warm and fuzzy song about going home to your parents house for some home cooking, this song takes the unique look on a break up and the need to destroy everything that reminds you of that person. 

If this isn’t the song that catches your ear, then no doubt, “I Was Just Thinking About You” will do just that. Lynch gets help from the queen of making ever song better, Lauren Alaina. I already know these two songs are making my most played for 2020.

Tullahoma has some familiar tunes like “Ridin’ Roads” and “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes” from Lynch’s 2019 EP. In all Lynch does what is true  and honest to himself, with songs about his country boy upbringing, like “Dirt Roads” and “Little Town Livin’.” Throw out the term bro-country and enjoy listening to some good music from this genuine country boy.

This album was such a pleasant surprise, and while Lynch has always deserved more praise and accolades from the country music community, this album and these songs, his best work yet, will only enhance his career more in the next few years.