Throwback Jam: Aaron Tippin’s “You’ve got to stand for something”

By Aaron Wagner

We’re going back 30 years to 1990 when Aaron Tippin made his country music debut.

“You’ve Got To Stand for Something” was released as his debut single in the fall of 1990 peaking at #6 on the charts.

Tippin gives credit to his co-writer Buddy Brock for coming up with the idea for the song. Both Brock and Tippin had young daughters at the time who would play together while their dads were writing. Brock shared that he had an idea for a song around the phrase “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” It was something that his dad had always said while he was growing. Tippin related to it instantly as it was something his dad always said to him.

They initially started going in a direction about a troubled boy but it wasn’t working so they came back and kept it simple by focusing on the things their dads had taught them.

At the time, Tippin and his team at RCA Records were trying to figure out songs to be included on his debut album. Tippin came in and played this song for the president Joe Galante and was told “That’s going to be your first single.”

And sure enough it was.