6 Artists to watch in 2020 spotlight: brandon lay

By Emily Wagner

Brandon Lay has been bubbling to the surface for the better part of a year.

Many musical outlets named him as an artist to watch for 2019; and it wouldn’t be surprising if 2020 is the best year of his career. Last year his single “Yada Yada Yada” climbed to #37 on the charts, and perhaps his most well-known song, “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers” was certified gold. Lay is expected to drop his first album later this year and has already gifted fans with two new tracks, “For My Money” and “Still Rock and Roll.”

Lay’s musical style is seemingly universal. It’s not pop-country, or even traditional-country. He can easily amass fans just by staying true to himself.

He first introduced himself to the listeners with songs like “Wilder Horses” “Let It” and “Break Down On Me.” They automatically stop you in your tracks. They aren’t songs about drinking beer or fishing, but about love, lost love, and life; they sound more substantial than a lot of what we are hearing on the radio today.

That sound and that style of country music is exactly what a new year and a new decade needs, and it’s going to belong to Brandon Lay.