Some of the best songs in country right now are found on tenille arts new album

By Emily Wagner

Tenille Arts is bringing her very best to Nashville and country music. At a time when the industry is filled with so many up and coming female artists, not getting their due, Arts seems to set herself apart. A lot of that has to do with her sophomore album Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between.

The 12 track album is everything you would expect from the title.

The heartbreak comes from “Right Guy Wrong Time,” a harrowing look at Tenille’s own choices of a music career or her relationship. “I Hate This” will crush you and make you sad a sunny day; but it comes highly acclaimed from Ashley McBryde, which is reason enough to listen to it.

Just as easily as Arts covers the agonizing heartbreak, she can dial it up with fun, heart happy songs, like “Slow It Down” and “Wild Love.” But for those fans who are neither the sappy, love struck, or the heartbroken, Arts has the ‘in between.’ The first track of the album “Somebody Like That” has been lighting it up on streaming services and with good reason. It’s optimistic and energetic, with a hopeful view on life and love. A song that would do well on country radio.

Every song, lyric and note of Arts’ comes across and genuine and authentic. She has a knack for storytelling, for making you stop and listen to a full three-minute song. Even if it’s a sweet, home town centered song like “Everybody Knows Everybody” or a song about getting over an ex, like “Missing You” which actually has nothing to do with missing someone.

Tenille gives Nashville and the rest of the country music world the best look at who she is as an artist and songwriter with “Call You Names.” The song takes us through a mother/daughter relationship, from the angsty teenage years, to the early years of leaving home and being on your own. It beautifully shows how the relationship changes as the years go by, and how the role our mother plays in our lives changes, even if she doesn’t.

This album is a piece of country music art, and will no doubt change Tenille’s Art’s life as she becomes a name people have to know.