Throwback Jam: Sugarland’s “Baby Girl”

By Emily Wagner

Sometimes it seems like music producers and executives know exactly what they are doing when it comes to releasing tracks to country radio. Especially when it comes to an artist’s very first single. The first single, if a flop, doesn’t necessarily break you, but if it’s a major hit, it will make you.

Luckily Sugarland hit it out of the park with their first single “Baby Girl.”

It was the summer of 2004, the group was a trio, not the duo that we know them as today, comprised of Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush, and Kristen Hall, and country music was starving for the sounds and harmonies of this band.

The song would spend 46 weeks on the country charts, peaking at number 2. The song, Nettles says, is autobiographical. Although she would never directly ask her parents for help with money, it was more about going for your dream and making your family and friends proud when you achieve success. How ironic, that the song about struggling and struggling and finally ‘making it’ is the song that made Sugarland.

After that song, fans could pick out a Sugarland hit by just the sound of Jennifer Nettle’s voice, and it laid the base for all their continued success.