6 Artists to Watch in 2020 Spotlight: Hardy

By Emily Wagner

He spent years of writing hit songs for his friends.  2019 was spent introducing himself to the fans, 2020 is the year Hardy takes the country music world by storm.

Hardy is right on the cusp of smashing his way into the bright lights of the country music industry. Yes he has been incredibly successful writing songs for his friends Florida Georgia Line and Morgan Wallen, and even joining them on tour, but I believe that Hardy’s 2020 is going to be reminiscent of Wallen’s 2018 breakout year.

Some people want to mistake Hardy for bro-country, but nothing about Hardy is an act. While he can sing a song called “Rednecker” he also wrote Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country.” It would do him a huge injustice to write him off as just another ‘bro-country singer.’ If his solo career doesn’t pan out (which is highly unlikely) his writing ability will solidify his place in country music for decades.

The biggest sign that Hardy is poised for a big year, is the success of his collaborative album Hixtape Vol.1 and the first single off of it “One Beer.” It says a lot about an artist, who is not well known to the masses of fans, that he can get some of the biggest names in country music to join forces on this album. From Keith Urban and Thomas Rhett to Joe Diffie and Trace Adkins, Hardy has no shortage of friends in the industry.

“One Beer” with Devin Dawson and Lauren Alaina, is a personal favorite that I can’t wait to see take off on the charts and explode on the radio. Plus, who knows what other songs will be released in 2020 that will have Hardy’s writing credit on it?

2020 is the year Hardy not only gains more radio air time, more streams, more downloads, and more fans, but also the year his name starts buzzing for certain award show categories.