Brett Kissel Shines On New Album “Now or Never”

By Aaron Wagner

Canadian country music star Brett Kissel dropped his new album Now or Never on the first of this year.

In a statement to Sounds Like Nashville, Kissel shared his vision for the project:

“This album symbolizes where I’m at in my life right now. It’s time to risk it all. It’s time to raise the bar. I’m not waiting for tomorrow. … New songs and a new direction. That was the goal.”

While the album only has eight songs he hits on everything one would hope for in a country album. Sure there’s the fun, uptempo song but where he really shines are the mid-tempo ballads. They’re the types of songs that you find yourself connecting to and relating to in a way you may not have with other songs. That was the case for me. It almost felt like he was able to read my mind and tap into the emotions I’ve felt and finally putting words to them. Chances are this album will do the same for you.

I legitimately think that there are three songs (“Drink About Me,” “A Few Good Stories” and “I’m Not Him, I’m Not Her”) on the album that would do really well at radio.

He kicks off the album with arguably the best song on the project in “Drink About Me” as he raises his glass to celebrate a relationship that happened. It’s also his first U.S. single. Another one of the best ones on the album is “A Few Good Stories.” It’s a song that everyone can relate to about living life to the fullest so you have some good memories and stories to tell.

“That’s Country Music” is a straight to the point song that is an ode to what we all love about country music while “Young Enough” is the song on the album that you jam out to with the windows rolled down.

“She Drives Me Crazy” – A different sounding song that has a lot “ayyyy” chants during the chorus that I’m not sure fits with the rest of the album’s sound. While I’m not a fan of it, the song is catchy while coloring outside the lines and I’m all for that.

“Hummingbird” just may be one of my favorite songs lyrically, on the project as he eloquently describes how a great love can have a short story.

“I’m Not Him, I’m Not Her” featuring Christina Taylor. My favorite song on the album. This duet is everything I love about country music. The phenomenal voices aside, the lyrics and play on words tell an all too real story for many. Promising that you won’t be the one who hurt them, while failing to realize that you’re not that same person that they’re still in love with.

“Coffee With Her” is a nice way to wrap up the album.A simple, yet sweet song as he shares how something as mundane as your daily coffee with someone can truly make your whole life.