New Music This Week

Blake Shelton with Gwen Stefani – “Nobody But You”
We’ve been waiting for these two to officially team up on a duet together.

Filmore – “Busy”
I truly don’t know how Filmore continues to put out a fire song with every new release and he takes this new one to the next level.

Parmalle with Blanco Brown – “Just the Way”
This collaboration is on repeat; it’s so good.

Adam Doleac – “Neon Fools”
The new from Doleac has him realizing he might be getting into trouble but a trouble he’s okay with.

Tenille Arts – “Nothing To See Here”
Tenille announced a new album Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between and gave us this new one as a teaser of what’s to come.

Randall King – “Burn It At Both Ends”
Really enjoying this new one from King as he sings about trying to get over a relationship.

Frank Maroney – “Scarecrow”
A love song about truly being there for someone through all the ups and especially all the downs.

Lacy Cavalier – “This Ain’t Love”
As usual, Lacy gets vulnerable with a song and you can truly feel the emotion from her.

John Baumann – “Love’s a Word I Never Throw Around”
You can feel the hurt in his voice as he sings about heartbreak in his new song.

Maddie Wilson – “Black Sheep”
We get a good pep talk from the country riser in her motivational new song this week.

Caroline Watkins – “Nothing to See Here”
This will hit you right in the feels if you’ve ever moved far away from your small hometown.