Frank Maroney Makes Debut With “Scarecrow”

By Aaron Wagner

Frank Maroney has been writing songs in Nashville for over six years, but now he’s breaking out on his own to write music that is important to him and record those lyrics that mean so much to him. He’s dropping his first full project early in 2020 and gave us a preview of what’s to come with his debut single “Scarecrow.”

Maroney worked with Ed Williams, a veteran producer from their days at Sony/ATV, to produce the album, which includes the first song off of it with “Scarecrow.” During my first listen to it I was blown away by everything.

The lyrics. The vocals. The final musical production. 

It’s a meaningful song that is intentional. There’s nothing gimmicky about it as you get the sense of just how important this particular song is to him. Seriously guys, take a listen to this song and then get excited because there’s even more great songs to come.

Frank Maroney took some time to talk with Raised On It about his debut single “Scarecrow”:

What was the songwriting process like?

“This song actually came pretty easy. I wrote it with Nicolette Hayford and Jeremy Drinkwine, and I remember that as soon as we landed on a good musical vibe, and got the first verse locked in, the rest of the song kind of just flowed out. Normally, I’m really picky with songs and I go back and tweak things and rewrite, but I don’t think we changed anything after the initial session.”

What’s the key message of the song you’re trying to get across?

” I like to think that at a bare bones level, this song says, “I’ve got your back. No matter what, I’m gonna be there. I don’t care how dark things get, you won’t be alone in the fight.” 

Similarly, what do you hope people take away from the song? What feelings and emotions do you want them to feel when they hear your song? 

“If people take anything away from this song, I’d want it to be hope. The idea that it’s ok if you have demons, it’s ok that you have flaws. In a world where everyone portrays their lives so perfectly, I think it needs to be said that “it’s ok if you’re not perfect, I’m gonna love you anyway.”

With your upcoming album due out in 2020, why did you decide on releasing “Scarecrow” as the first song?

“Scarecrow has been a really important song for me. It’s the reason I got signed to my first publishing deal at Sony/ATV. It’s the first song that I wrote that I listened to and said, “That sounds like me. That sounds like something I wanna sing about.”

Were there any artists that inspired the project?

“I’d say that my producer, Ed Williams, and I were most inspired by other songwriters. Guys like Travis Meadows, Tony Lane, and Jeff Hyde inspired the organic nature of the production and set the bar for great songwriting. First and foremost, I’m a songwriter, so we made it a priority that each production serve the heart and soul of the song.”

Lastly, are there any hints you can give us about the album?

“Scarecrow is one of the cornerstones for the record and the song that inspired me to make the record in the first place. So it definitely influences the rest of the album. There’s a good variety of songs but I think they all have a similar underlying theme to them, and Scarecrow really helps set the tone.”