Throwback Jam: Luke Bryan’s “Do I”

Although Luke Bryan’s hit “Do I” never reached number one on the charts, it launched a career that made Bryan one of the top names in country music for the next decade.

“Do I” peaked at number two, however 20 of Luke’s next 21 singles would go on to reach the top of the country music charts.

“Do I” was released in the spring of 2009 and gave country music fans another side of Luke. Compared to his earlier singles like “Country Man” and “All My Friends Say,” “Do I” showed he could be a force both as a songwriter and on the radio.

The song would have never made it off the ground without help from another up and coming act at the time, Lady Antebellum. Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood co-wrote the song with Bryan, and Hillary Scott sang the background vocals. It’s impossible to listen to the song and not hear Scott’s distinguishable voice.

If you ever go to a live show of Luke’s , he still credits “Do I” as the song that gave him his career and his dedicated fan base. Sometimes artists just need that certain song, that not only does well commercially, but that fans can connect to, and it’ll lead to many more songs, and many more number one hits.