Australian Sister Trio Dozzi Drops Debut EP “Worth the Wait”

By Aaron Wagner

Keith Urban, Morgan Evans, and now Dozzi?

Made up of sisters Andrea, Jesse, and Nina, the Dozzi sisters make up the band they appropriately titled Dozzi. Having made the official move to Nashville to launch their country music career four years ago, the trio is getting started with the release of their debut EP Worth the Wait.

One thing you’ll notice right away is that music just seems to come easy to them. It’s easy listening and the group already sounds like a finished and polished product. I think when you take a listen you’re going to come away really impressed with the vocals you hear.

Dozzi kicks off the album with “Fools” a fun and youthful song about falling in love and not having a care in the world about what people say. Then there’s “Ramones T-Shirt” which the song title along grabs your attention, but it’s the polished vocals on this girl power anthem that really standout. It’s one of my favorites on the EP.

The title track “Worth the Wait” highlights their ability to harmonize and truly have their vocals steal the show with a minimally produced song. “Red Eye” is a soaring ballad about heartbreak in which you get a true sense of the emotion behind the song.

While the first four songs are great to listen to, they saved the best for last.

“Steady” is catchy right off the bat with the strums of the guitar and the harmonies. Being completely candid, this song as been on repeat ever since I first heard it on Friday. I definitely get some modern day Dixie Chicks and SheDAISY vibes with this one. I could see this one gaining some traction on country radio.

This is a fun project to listen to and I think it’s a good first project to introduce them to the country music community.