Artist You Need to Know: Eric Dodd

By Aaron Wagner

Eric Dodd grew up in Georgia where he had two major loves: golf and music. He decided to pursue golf at first attending college in Georgia on a golf scholarship. That being said, he was still able to play music at parties or local places on campus. He then made the switch to focus on music as he transferred to the University of Georgia to pursue a degree in music business.

And thank goodness he did.

When you listen to Eric Dodd’s music you get the sense that it’s something you’ve heard before. It’s not a knock at all. Maybe it’s just me but his voice truly reminds me of Thomas Rhett. He’s able to combine that authentic sounding voice and a modern musical production sound to create some damn good music. His music is infectious that has you scrambling to find his next song to check out.

But the lyrics are what really grab your attention if you listen closely.

His biggest song to date on Spotify with over 3 million plays is “The Reason” and it opens with these lyrics: “You’re the blue in midnight fire, you’re the soul in a Sunday choir.” Talk about how to kick off a song.

“If We Were a Song” is Dodd’s latest release as of a couple weeks ago and this is one that sounds like Thomas Rhett could cut. I think it has potential to be another really big song for Dodd.

He’s not a one tricky pony as both the party jam and the ballad is in his wheelhouse. “So Right” is that catchy tune about everything lining up with that special person while “In the Dark” is a seductive ballad about getting lost in the arms of someone and getting to know everything about them. Both are great songs you should add to your playlist.

I’m really curious to see how Dodd’s music career continues to progress as he is truly made to be on country radio. Let’s hope we get to hear him on it soon.