Throwback Jam: Andy Griggs’ “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely”

By Aaron Wagner

In November of 1998, a new country singer Andy Griggs released his debut single “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely.”


Written by Brett Jones (Jason Aldean’s “Crazy Town,” Justin Moore’s “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away”) the song nearly reached the top of the Billboard charts, instead peaking one spot away at #2.

During the writing session, Griggs and Jones got to talking about how you keep a relationship with a woman who is home when you’re on the road. They both agreed that the life on the road as an artist and songwriter can be challenging and difficult for them and their partner.

Griggs shared the following in an excerpt from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music: 

“You know sometimes things happen at home when you’re away and you can always call her and say ‘Honey, I wish I was there, but I’m not. But I won’t ever leave you lonely. Even if I am away, if you’re down, I’ll be there in spirit or emotionally. I’ll be in touch one way or another, whether through a cell phone call or a prayer, or an email or whatever. If you need me, we can take pictures of each other being silly or brushing our teeth or whatever.’ So that was the idea we started with.”

Griggs would go on to have five additional Top 10 singles.