Ian McConnell’s New Release “Christmas Without You”

By Aaron Wagner

Tis the season.

Christmastime is often a joyful time of year as we fill our belly’s up with Christmas cookies, gaze at the mesmerizing Christmas lights, and listen to Christmas songs on repeat. However, with Ian McConnell’s recent original Christmas song “Christmas Without You” those feelings are turned to sadness as he now has to celebrate Christmas without that special someone that he is reminded of during the holiday’s.

The song idea came to him during October while he was on a run. He shares with Raised On It that he had the song finished in his head by the end of his run, sang a quick memo into his phone, and had the recording and production done 10 days later.

“I do a lot of writing while running and one day in October I was running and thinking about someone I used to be close to and realized I associated her with Christmas. Breakups are always odd because a lot of things stay the same in a person’s life, but the other person isn’t there anymore, and this is especially true when coupled with something so rooted in tradition for many people like Christmas.”

Thanks to his upbringing in a musical family he wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the song all by himself.

“The recording mainly features piano and cello. My mom is a piano teacher and taught me while my dad played cello in school and is the reason I started playing and later getting a degree in cello. Since the holidays are a family-oriented time, those instruments seemed fitting to use on this song.”

“I hope fans can know that it’s okay to have feelings around the holidays that are not always joyous, especially when dealing with loss, in whatever form that loss is.”