Lauren Davidson Gets Us in the Christmas Mood with Two New Holiday Releases

Two years ago, Lauren Davidson hosted a Christmas show in New York City with other country artists, one of whom was Tommy Cole. The two sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and had so much fun with it that they set out to write an original Christmas song.

Today, she released that original Christmas song called “We’re Just Warming Up.” She talked with Raised On It about writing the fun-loving Christmas song.

“We had so much fun and his love for Christmas music was so infectious I asked him if he wanted to try to write something for the holiday season and we wrote this song in a couple of hours. Tommy came up with the idea “We’re Just Warming Up” as a nod to the cold weather and a double meaning referencing a relationship that’s just getting going. We had so much fun coming up with every holiday reverence we could think of to fit into the lyrics.”

In addition to releasing the original song in “We’re Just Warming Up,” Davidson released her rendition of “Silent Night.” With so many Christmas songs to choose from, why “Silent Night?”

“There are so many Christmas songs that I love, both uptempo and ballads, but I chose “Silent Night” because I love the simplicity of the song which allows me to showcase my voice and I wanted something to contrast my original song which is uptempo and lighthearted.”

The Christmas season is a favorite time for Davidson. “I think New York City is the best place to be during Christmas time. The energy changes and there’s so many pop up shops, decorations, special events and I always have a day where I go see the tree in Rockefeller Center and take in all the holiday extravaganza.”