The Best Alabama Throwback Jams

Alabama is the standard set for all future country music bands. They’ve sold over 73 million albums, and hold a record for 21 consecutive #1 songs, making it nearly impossible to choose just one song to highlight for this week’s throwback. Behold, 6 of the most iconic Alabama songs, although all around 30 years old, are still considered fan favorites.

Which Alabama song are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

“If You’re Going To Play In Texas”

Released in July of 1984, the song became the groups 14th consecutive #1 song. This song is high energy, forcing you to stomp your boots along and give a little “Yee Haw!”

“Born Country”

Spoiler alert, this song, somehow only reached #2 on the charts. It was a part of the band’s Greatest Hits Volume II album, released in December of 1991. The song won a ASCAP Award (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) for being one of the most performed country songs of 1992.

“Song of the South”

This song makes me wish I was a home grown, true girl of the south. This song had a couple of lives before Alabama took it to the top of the charts in in 1988. Bobby Bare recorded it on his album in 1980, John Russell took it to #57 on the charts, and another cover from Tom T. Hall and Earl Scruggs reached #72.

“I’m In A Hurry”

Best played in your vehicle, whether you are actually in a hurry, or just cruising down a back road. The song was released in May of 1992, or the groups “American Pride” album. Unsurprisingly, the song hit the top of the charts, in both the US and Canada.

“Dixieland Delight”

Originally cut as an acoustic demo, this song does better with all the instruments, making you feel like you are some Tennessee backwoods. Shockingly, the song also went to the #1 spot in 1983.

“Mountain Music”

The group’s 6th number 1 song, was written by lead vocalist Randy Owen, who admits in his book “Born Country” that the song took 3 years to write, adding he wanted to put many of his own childhood memories in the song.

A bigger fan of other Alabama songs? “The Closer You Get” or Love In The First Degree”?

Maybe “Roll On” is your favorite song, or “Down Home” or “Forty Hour Week.” Whichever song it is, Alabama provides a plethora of amazing music from the 80’s and 90’s that are just as popular today.