Artist You Need to Know: Alana Springsteen

Growing up in Virginia Beach, Alana Springsteen fell in love with music at an early age. She grew up singing in church and received her first guitar at 7 which only made her want to sing even more.

Eventually that turned into writing her own songs as a young girl which then turned into opportunities to perform at different sporting events, singing the national anthem at the young age of 9. Realizing that she had a true gift of singing, her family moved to Nashville when she was a teenager so she could pursue her dream.

So here she is in Nashville. 

Now 19 years old, she has released some of her own music into the world for people to listen to and learn who she is as an artist. Earlier this year she dropped her self-titled debut EP.

One thing you notice as soon as you listen to her music is how natural its seems to come for her. She’s able to change pitches and octaves effortlessly in a way that doesn’t make it seem forced. Then you take her vocals and combine it with the songwriting.

There’s an authenticity factor with her lyrics that you instantly believe that these words are deeply important to her. Songs like “The Best Thing” and “Over” will hit you right in the gut as she completely pours her heart out. Quite frankly, she reminds me of a young Kelsea Ballerini and how she was able to pull her heart into her lyrics but then be able to execute it with her vocals.

My favorite song of hers has to be “Always Gonna Love You.” The song has racked up nearly 1.4 million plays on Spotify but do me a favor and listen to the song and close your eyes and think of which artist this song reminds you of. Taylor Swift? I think so. It sounds like the type of song that Taylor would not only record, but also write.

“Feel Better” is one of her more recent songs that she’s released and I’m a huge fan of it. It’s drastically different from the collection of songs that she included on her album but I love it. She’s taking a risk, pushing the boundaries, and truly challenging herself. It’s the type of song that catches ones attention right away.

Alana Springsteen is just getting started in her music career but the early returns on the music she’s made is promising. I know I just got done comparing her to Kelsea Ballerini and Taylor Swift, which is a lofty comparison, but with Springsteen I think that’s an accurate comparison path to put her on. A top notch voice, the ability to craft meaningful lyrics, all while willing to take a chance is going to set herself up for many years of success.

I’m excited to see what the next few years holds for her.