New Music This Week

Jason Aldean – “Keeping It Small Town”
One of 16 songs from his latest album 9 that he released Friday.

Little Big Town – “Sugar Coat”
Lyrically, a powerful new song from the group.

Filmore – “London”
We’re a sucker for anything Filmore puts out and this catchy song is no different.

Walker Hayes – “Dad’s Sailboat”
He tackles the somber issue of our parents getting older.

Taylor Edwards – “Things You Used to Tell Me”
A song about calling out a former love for using the same tricks on someone new.

The Shires –  “New Year”
One of their most country sounding songs from one of our favorite UK duos.

Danny McMahon – “Lonely”
We’re digging this jam and truly think it’s his best to date.

Blackjack Billy with Tim Hicks – “Drinking All Weekend”
If the song title alone doesn’t make you want to check it out, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

Kenton Bryant – “Home in This Town”
Sometimes a truly special person can make a small town feel special and this is that song.

Sarah Ross – “Better Left Unsaid”
A song about getting hurt but still being in some form of denial and just marching on as business as usual.

Joey Hyde – “Looks Like You”
This new one about when your dreams and visions become a reality is stuck in our heads.

Logan Samford – “Broke Heart”
A heartbreak song from the country up and comer.

Jordyn Stoddard – “Shouldn’t Have To”
This is easy listening as Jordyn’s voice really shines in her new release.

Liddy Clark – “Hit and Run”
Her new song this week touches on getting blindsided at the end of a relationship.