Breaking Down Luke Combs’ Sophomore Album “What You See Is What You Get”

By Emily Wagner


We were blessed last week with 17 brand new Luke Combs songs. Yes, some of them were from his EP from this summer and you can bet we already know the words to all of them already, but Luke is coming for the king of country crown, and nobody is even close to touching him.

Luke is always 100% himself with his music, with his fans and his performances. He is a small town boy, a hard working, blue collar man, who is comfortable with any stereotype cast against him, and those just like him.

As mentioned, the album has some familiar tunes; the sentimental nostalgia of “Refrigerator Door,” your likely summertime anthem “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” and his latest single “Even Though I’m Leaving.” One of the most highly anticipated songs since Luke released some song titles prior to the album release, was “Does To Me” featuring Eric Church. The song doesn’t disappoint; the lyrics, the meaning behind them, and I’m also a firm believer that adding The Chief to any song instantly makes it 200% better.

There are plenty of those unapologetic songs on the album, from the title track “What You See is What You Get” to “Blue Collar Boys,” Combs knows exactly how to identify with his fan base, because really, that’s who he is too.

Luke has this incredible gift to make each song feel familiar the first time you hear it, but of course it’s a one of a kind, never heard it before song. The collaboration with Brooks and Dunn “1, 2, Many” is one of those songs. Brooks and Dunn could have easily recorded that song 20 years ago and taken it to the top of the charts. “Reasons” is another song that is just a good country song; smart lyrics, easy melody, and it just feels effortless.

Of course, Luke is more than just beer drinking songs. “Dear Today” is a beautifully written song about self reflection, about taking the time to do the things you always put off for tomorrow, today. Then Luke can spin a love song, just as well as he does the boot stomping songs. From “Nothing Like You” and “Better Together” Combs proves he can truly write anything and create an amazing song. I can just hear “Better Together” as a backdrop to his wedding video next year.

Luke Combs has already proven with one album that he is going to be in the business for a very long time. This sophomore album, solidifies that not only will hie be in the business, but he is going to dominate. The charts. The awards shows. Concerts. And country fans, both old and new.