Sister Duo Twin Kennedy Release Music Video for Emotional New Song “Blindspot”

A few weeks ago, the sister duo of Twin Kennedy released their latest single “Blindspot.” The emotional ballad showcases the two’s ability to harmonize together to create that pure sound we all enjoy as fans.

The song was somewhat of an accident as they were working on a different song with their friend Rhett McDaniel when the song title “Blindspot” was thrown out as they tell Raised On It.

“That night, we had already been writing a different song for a couple of hours when the title “Blindspot” was mentioned – we immediately fell in love with the hook and the idea for the song, so we switched gears and wrote that song instead! We love the songwriting process and the way that just one word can spark an entire melody. Sometimes, the theme and the music of a song seem to just come out together as one, and this was one of those times. The three of us stayed up until 2AM to finish the song!”

Deciding on which song to release first is never an easy one. While most artists are encouraged to release an uptempo song, an anthem of sorts, Twin Kennedy decided their first release was going to be about what they had seen from their fans during their live shows.

“To be honest, we were a little nervous to release such a heartfelt and vulnerable song out of the gate. However, we have been performing “Blindspot” at many of our live shows, and we have had so many people coming up to us after our concerts to mention the song and how they related to its story. Our fans’ connection to “Blindspot” convinced us that we should share it first and we’re so happy we did!”

While Blindspot is the first song released from the duo, they’ve been working on additional songs as part of larger project they’re planning on releasing in the near future.

“We always have a range of music on our favorite playlists. You’ve got to have a good love song, a good breakup song, a good upbeat dance song and everything in between. We have poured our hearts into this upcoming project and hope to have accomplished just that!

We hope that with “Blindspot”, and every song we release, the music connects with our listeners. We hope that this song empowers anyone who feels like they’re stuck in a loved one’s blindspot to get to a place where they feel seen and where they feel valued.”

Check out the new music video and stay tuned for what’s to come from the talented duo.