New Music This Week

Jordan Rager – “The Wrong Ones”
Rager has released a lot of great music this year, but this new release is his best to date in our minds.

Lady Antebellum – “Mansion”
The group released their newest album Ocean and “Mansion” is one of our favorites from their new project.

Florida Georgia Line with Tayla Parx – “Fight”
People will argue as to how country it is, but you can’t argue how addicting this one is.

Haley & Michaels – “Got You Covered”
The husband-wife duo released their new album Hail Mary and we can’t get enough of this song in particular.

Caitlyn Smith – “Damn You For Breaking My Heart”
One of Nashville’s best kept secrets is Smith and this new release is the first in what will be a new album in 2020.

Eric Dodd – “If We Were a Secret”
We’re getting major Thomas Rhett vibes from this catchy new song that’s a must add to your playlist.

Britney Monroe – “Lovestruck” 
Monroe sings about that instant feeling you get when you know something just clicks.

Aubrie Sellers – “Far From Home”
One of the best young vocalists in Nashville drops her latest one about never being too far from your roots.

Tyler Chambers – “In a Perfect World”
Chambers sings about the ideal world of cold beer, dirt roads and former flames in this impressive new release.

Alex Noelle – “Quiet Love”
A song about wanting an easier love from the country up and comer.

Chris Ruediger – “Kissing Me Back”
A song about when the honeymoon phase ends in a relationship and that initial spark is lost.