Alyssa Micaela’s EP “Tumbleweed” is Easy Listening

Alyssa Micaela dropped her most recent EP Tumbleweed this past weekend. Her latest project is easy listening that has you adding each song to your playlist always looking forward to what song is going to come next.

“On My Way to You” is the opening track that has her looking back on the curveballs threw at her. It’s just as much a song about finding one’s self as it is finding that special person you’ve been looking for. Then there’s “Between Me & the Bar” which is a catchy ‘get to the bar’ song that’s giving us some LeAnn Rimes vibes.

“Heartbreak Vacay” is a cleverly-written song that puts a cool spin on dealing with a breakup.

As soon as you hear the intro to “People Don’t Change” you’re hooked. There’s something about the musical production that draws you in right away. Micaela then brings the song to life with her smooth vocals that are just so easy to listen to.

She wraps up the project with the title track in “Tumbleweed.” A slower ballad that has Micaela being vulnerable about wanting to experience everything that life has to offer. She’s not in a hurry and she’s not willing to settle. It comes across as an anthem about confidence in who she is as a person.

If you haven’t heard Alyssa Micaela’s music before you’re really missing out. Make sure to give it a listen.