Lockwood Barr Drops Holiday EP “Christmas In Memphis”

Some artists release Christmas projects because it’s good for business, but we knew immediately that a Christmas project meant a lot for Lockwood Barr when we asked her when the appropriate time to begin playing Christmas music is:

“12:01am on November 1st. Sorry not sorry.”

The five song EP has Lockwood Barr singing some of our favorite Christmas classics as well as an original song where she teams up with Barrett Baber (3rd place on season 9 of The Voice and wrote Cody Johnson’s current single “Nothin’ On You”).

“Christmas in Memphis” was a song that wrote itself as she tells Raised On It:

Barrett and I met on the road down in Key West about a year and a half ago during a BMI festival. I immediately connected to his soulful and bluesy sound, which has been a growing vibe in my own music, and knew I wanted to work with him. He grew up close to Memphis, very influenced by the blues, and I’ve personally always had a soft spot for the city. We sat down, and the lyrics and melody poured out. It almost seemed like the song was already in the air, and Barrett and I were just lucky to reach up and grab it in time.

One of our favorite Christmas songs here at Raised On It is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and Lockwood’s rendition is so pure, coming across as effortless that it is truly became of our favorite renditions of the Christmas staple. We’re glad that she included the song because as one would imagine, narrowing down the list of Christmas songs wasn’t any easy task for Lockwood.

“I sat down and made a giant, and I mean GIANT, list of favorite songs from my childhood, and narrowed them down. “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” brings me back to the joy of my choir days, while the perky arrangement of “White Christmas” always reminds me of the opening scenes of the movie “The Santa Clause.” It’s a good mix of different chapters of my life.”

Lockwood adds that the record paints a softer, more vulnerable side of her than people are used to hearing. “I don’t show it as much, so I’m excited for people to meet that part of me.”

Christmas is a special time of year that most people hold near and dear to them. It’s time spent with loved ones but it’s also a season that invokes nostalgia as we go down memory lane to what Christmas was like growing up. The same goes for Lockwood as she channeled those favorite memories into creating this record.

“My happiest Christmas memories are singing in choirs and performing in my church Christmas pageants. I had the privilege of singing with an all girls choir called Les Etoiles under the direction of Jan Pedersen Schiff. To this day, Jan is hands down the best choral director I have ever known. She was the vocal equivalent of tough football coach who knew exactly how to push us all to be our best both as individuals and as an ensemble.”

Lockwood continues, “We didn’t just sing harmonies, but rather truly blended to make gut-wrenching, soul-touching music.  She taught us the classics like “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow,” “Carol of the Bells,” and so many more. I miss singing in her annual Holiday Concert so much. Singing those same songs she taught us makes it feel like Christmas to me!”

Lockwood Barr’s first Christmas project is getting us in the holiday spirit even before Thanksgiving — and we’re loving everything about that. So turn on the Christmas lights, make some hot cocoa, and hit play on Christmas in Memphis.