Canadian Country Trio Petric Drops New Tune “Something To Do With You”

Canadian Country trip Petric dropped a brand new song today with “Something To Do With You.” Singing about how that someone special can truly make everything better in life, the cheerful and peppy song can instantly put you in a good mood.

The catchy new song from the group might be a bit of a new sound from the group but that’s exactly what they wanted to do as they told Raised On It.

We hope our fans can hear how diverse we can be. We really wanted to try something new, while keeping true to who we are. We’re really excited about this song, and hope everyone is equally excited.

“Something To Do With You” follows the highly successful “Single Problem” which garnered over a million streams while becoming the highest charting single by an independent artist in 2019. After Petric played the song at a few shows this summer they decided it was going to be their next release.

This past summer we performed at a number of festivals and shows across Canada.  Along with our hits, we wanted to try out some of the new material.  “Something To Do With You” connected with the audiences which we loved. It’s a great follow up after “Single Problem” as it’s really upbeat and positive.

The songwriting process came relatively easy as it seemed to flow effortless during a long road trip from Winnipeg to Nashville. The title popped in their head on the road trip and not long after, in a songwriting session with co-writers Jordan Ranier and Kevin Brandt, everything flowed together to which they described as “one of the easiest songs to write.”

The new song release is just the beginning of more new music to come from the group in the coming months. This past year has taught the band a lot about themselves that has impacted their songwriting and the types of songs they want to record.

Over this past year, we really started to focus on what each of us brings to the table and how we can continue to grow as a band.  When we got into the selection of new songs, we really focussed on who we are as a Petric and we wanted to share this with everyone. We must have went through about 100 songs (some that we’ve written, some from other writers) to come up this diverse collection of songs that we are really proud of.

While that project is slated for a 2020 release, “Something To Do With You” is the perfect song to kickstart things for Petric as they look to build off of their highly successful 2019.