Throwback Jam: Keith Urban’s “But For The Grace of God”

Nineteen years ago, in November of 2000, Keith Urban released “But For the Grace of God.” The song would go on to attain the number one spot in February of 2001. Not only was it Urban’s first #1, but it was the first #1 song for Capitol Records in over 2 years.

The song was written by the most unlikely group. Urban did a writing session with Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedin of The Go-Go’s, and as to be expected the ideas the two women were coming up with, wasn’t exactly Urban’s style. It was at the 11th hour that Caffey spewed out an idea that she’d been playing with, quipped with the verse “But for the grace of God.” 

Urban latched on to the idea and his very first number one song was created. He hasn’t stopped turning out number one songs since.