Recapping Miranda Lambert’s Newest Album “Wildcard”

It’s so rare to find an album in which you not only love all the songs, but all the songs are so strong and uniquely written. Miranda Lambert’s 7th studio album Wildcard is just that.

This is coming from someone who would scream at her TV every time Lambert won a CMA or ACM over Carrie Underwood; I haven’t always been the biggest fan, but wow, this album is so good.

Lambert is so diverse as a songwriter and performer and Wildcard gives us the very best she has to offer. From rock and roll Miranda (“Locomotive”), to pop-country Miranda (“Mess With My Head”), to classic country Miranda (“Tequila Does”), and to our favorite, badass, unapologetic Miranda (“White Trash”).

Miranda outdoes herself on arguably the two best songs on the album; “Dark Bars” and “How Dare You Love.” The first is a melancholy, honest reflection of dark moments in life. She never has a problem being vulnerable in her songs and this song along with “How Dare You Love” give us the best look into Miranda’s personal life within the last few years.

As good as she is at giving us these songs, Lambert can also bring the sass and ‘give-a-damns,’ with “Pretty Bitchin” in which she makes us believe that she is doing just fine in both her personal and professional life. There’s also the duet with Maren Morris, “Way Too Pretty For Prison” a hilarious anthem about wanting to kill their other half for being unfaithful, but knowing full well, their lifestyle doesn’t bode well with a jail cell.

Throughout the 14 song album, Miranda proves her status as one of the best songwriters in Nashville. She takes the listener to church with “Holy Water” a gospel, swampy sounding song that if you listen carefully, can be taken to reflect the state of our country’s ugly political climate. “Bluebird” feels so personal, that I can’t imagine anyone else singing it. The song, which is the only time the album title, Wildcard, is mentioned, may be the best song Lambert sang since “The House That Built Me.”

It’s been three years since Miranda Lambert’s last album The Weight of These Wings, an album in which she threaded the Americana feel more than her traditional country. It’s safe to say that within those years Miranda’s life has gone through a lot of changes, which makes for some beautiful country songs.