Check Out the Music Video for Josh Bricker’s New Song “Red Cup Flippin”

A couple weeks ago Josh Bricker, an up and coming country artist, released his new song in “Red Cup Flippin’.”

The party anthem is catchy as all heck and lyrically helps paint a picture that everyone is familiar with, yet one that everyone truly cherishes. In the moment, a simple party doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you look back on it those are some special memories spent with your friends. It’s not necessarily what you’re doing, but who you’re doing it with.

The inspiration for Josh Bricker was exactly that as he tells Raised On It.

“The inspiration behind the song is thinking back to high school and college when we used to get everyone together at some random house out in the woods and just kick back, play party games, and have fun.”

As an up and coming country artist, Bricker finds himself in the same shoes as other artists as he continues to hone his craft to truly figure out who he is as an artist and songwriter.

“Red Cup Flippin’ is the new release because it’s a new side of songwriting and country music for me.  This is a sound i’ve been looking for ⁠— a new ‘me’ in a way. It’s honestly the beginning of changing my style of writing and music.  I’m excited to show everyone what else I have been working on.”

Bricker also released a music video to go along with the new release that will take you back to the good old days of your high school and college years. I think it’s also a friendly reminder to all of us that we shouldn’t lose our youthful “red cup flippin'” selves as we get older.

With Bricker in a sense re-launching his career, this is the perfect type of song to release first. Hopefully it can become the soundtrack to some parties this fall as they rack ’em up and get ready to run the table.