Our 5 Favorite Songs from Chris Janson’s New Album “Real Friends”

Chris Janson’s latest album Real Friends is everything we’ve come to love with Chris.

He’s the epitome of a complete country singer as he’s able to seamlessly transition from party jam to the powerful ballad that puts you in all the feels. Janson told Billboard that “”We wrote it with a positive narrative and tone all the way through.”

There’s a ton to like on the project but we narrowed it down to our five favorite songs from Chris Janson on his new album.

This is his next single that he’s sending to radio and it’s a great choice. It’s a beautiful love song about falling in love but the pretty upbeat production actually makes it a catchy tune.

“Waitin’ on 5”
An ultimate “the weekend starts now” song. Janson truly excels at these party jams in a way that comes across as authentic and not cheesy at all. You can actually picture him setting his tools down at 5 and heading to a dive bar.

“Hawaii on Me”
This one is arguably the best written song on the album. Janson sings about the end of his life and how he doesn’t want to be buried on a day of mourning, but rather he wants his family to head to paradise to celebrate his life. That’s the gist — Janson explains it more eloquently.

“Real Friends” featuring Blake Shelton
You gotta love a song about friendship or in this situation a bromance. This collab between Blake and Janson is something that they’ll want to revisit in the future as its that good.

“Everybody’s Going Through Something”
On the heels of his smash hit “Drunk Girl”, this song puts Janson in another leadership role to remind people that everyone has their battles and is currently dealing with something.